Exam pieces

Previous exams have been somewhat easier. Not only because the pieces given to play aren't as demanding as the ones we're facing this time, but... well, they have all been ordered. For the final exam we are giving an actual concert and it's going to include a concerto by Mozart and the Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy by Doppler. And one piece by our own choice - the only demands are these: it must be from outside the Suzuki repertoire and if it's chamber music, flute has to have a "soloist-like" part.

Why is it more difficult then, one might ask. First thought would be of course that it's easier, you're able to play just what you like! Noooope. In my opinion. I don't want to have same kind of style that there already is (concertos, virtuoso fantasies), also I want my concert to represent me in some way. Would have Loved to play Carmen-fantasy (Borne), but no can do... :D

It felt like a struggle to know where to start searching or choosing, so I decided to go for my own sheet music piles. Dug out all that I've liked in recent concerts etc. The pile consisted of J.S.Bach (sonatas & solo suite), C.Ph.E.Bach (solo sonata), Telemann (solos), Schubert (sonata), Takemitsu (Air), Piazzolla (Histoire du tango), Villa-Lobos (Assobio a játo), Burkhard (solo suite), Widor (suite), Vasks (solo), Martin (Ballade). Now it's narrowed down to 4 options: one father, one son, one suite and one landscape. I think I'll consult our trainer and then think a bit more. And play a Lot.

Oh and by the way, my Mozart's in quite a good state :) Or at least it's on the verge of "by-the-heart"... :D

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